The RGB Cube



This image represents the standard RGB color cube. All three colors are equally weighted.   This image represents the Luminescence RGB color cube. The colors are weighted according to their perceived brightness

Hal Glicksman, an instructor in computer art at California State University, Long Beach, inspired me to continue work on color systems. He has an interesting page White is Green. His charts on color space provided me with the visual goal for a color-space. Using ImageFX's Convert-To-Grey with Luma weighting (Red 30%, Green 59%, Blue 11%) yielded a perfectly smooth grey transition.

More research on the web lead me to Christopher Yang's Master Thesis. His formula for conversion from a color-space called LHS to RGB formed the starting point for my own code. If you're interested in the mathematical underpinnings of color theory his pages are worth reading.

The images below were generated by stamping the bottom color brush down on the grey ramp on the side. I used my CColorize draw mode set to seven different color spaces.

True Color Spaces
    These color spaces are the same code using color weightings based on testing from different organizations.

Color Space Red GreenBlue
ITU 22.2%70.7% 7.1%
Rec 709 (ITU)21.3%71.5% 7.2%
SMPTE 21.2%70.1% 8.7%
NTSC 29.9%58.7%11.4%
GREY 33.3%33.4%33.3%
Artificial Color Spaces
  ITU Color Space
Grey Scale Ramp ITU Color Space
  Color Ramp
  REC_709 Color Space
Grey Scale Ramp REC_709 Color Space
  Color Ramp
  SMTPE Color Space
Grey Scale Ramp SMTPE Color Space
  Color Ramp
  NTSC Color Space
Grey Scale Ramp NTSC Color Space
  Color Ramp
  GREY Color Space
Grey Scale Ramp GREY Color Space
  Color Ramp
  HLS Color Space
Grey Scale Ramp HLS Color Space
  Color Ramp
  HSV Color Space
Grey Scale Ramp HSV Color Space
  Color Ramp


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