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    I've only received one comment on MagicTitler, and don't really like ARexx programming...

The hooks on this page are EXPERIMENTAL! Use at your own risk. They require a minimum of a 68020 with an FPU.
The Custom Color Toolkit works best with ImageFX 3.x. Many features don't work with 2.6 or below!
Please e-mail me ( with feed back if you use these hooks and scripts!   Help me decide which ones deserve further developments and which ones are trash!
Wow, another update SGI Loader and Saver with 32 bit support

Last Modified: 16 October 2001

The Custom Color Tool Kit Providing Enhanced color to an ImageFX equipped Amiga near you! Seven color spaces for your editing pleasure

NEW SGI Loader and Saver  Featuring 32 bit (RGBA) support!

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SGI Loader and Saver
Loader version 1.7.17, Saver version 4.0.3
Please if you use these and they work/don't work, let me know!
sgi.lha 4332 bytes
Change CMAP Palette
Cecilia's found a flaw in 4.0.
You can't use the AREXX command 'SetPalette' to change a CMAP Palette entry
This hook works like SetPalette, but it will change the CMAP Palette
CCMAPPalette.lha 4666 bytes
Saver.pref This copy of savers.prefs lets the new beta gif saver work without crashing
Just copy it into your ImageFX: directory
savers.prefs 96 bytes
This program fixes IFF files saved by PhotoShop(tm) FixIFF.lha 7094 bytes

ver 1.1.6, CCShell was written for Cecilia after she mentioned she'd like an ImageFX shell that could learn Arexx scripts for a project she was working on.

It was put together rather quickly, so it's not very feature packed. I've got a short todo list for it already, so if you can think of anything it could use, let me know!

It's a replacement for the stock commandline interface. It saves what you type into a learnfile. It doesn't save the stuff you do in a hook, just the fact you called a hook, and all the parameters you called it with. New for 1.1.6 Things like GetMain now print results.
CCShell.lha 9756 bytes
The Custom Color Toolkit Release 1.2c 28 Aug 99 HOOK CCBalance, ver 1.3.6, provides adjustment for Color, Saturation, and Brightness.
HOOK CCGamma, ver 0.2.5, provides independent gamma adjustment for Red, Green, and Blue. Also provides a simple white point adjustment.
HOOK CCColors, ver 0.0.64, Edit your palette colors using the advanced color spaces!
HOOK CCToolBox, ver 0.1.2, Launches the other three hooks from a button bar
DrawMode CCColorize, ver 1.2.18, Replaces the current pixel's Hue and Saturation with the Hue and Saturation from the current brush or pen.
DrawMode CCHue, ver 1.0.2, Replaces the current pixel's Hue with the Hue from the current brush or pen.
DrawMode CCSaturation, ver 1.0.2, Replaces the current pixel's Saturation with the Saturation from the current brush or pen.
CCTools.lha 137129 bytes
CStars 0.3.8 10 Jan 2000
This hook draws random stars in the main buffer
Enhanced the GUI--brought it up to my current standards, it now loads, saves, and remembers settings and has a real-time preview.
Includes AutoCStars (v) 2.1
CStars.lha 16122 bytes
This hook draws animated stars Requires 3.0
You CAN save the output! Updated to version 1.2.0, 17 Oct 98. You can specify number stars, number of frames and save!
Fixed a bug with random numbers.
X_Stars.lha 9768 bytes
AREXX program for creating animated titles MajicIFX.lha 3281 bytes
AREXX/AutoFX Script for creating properly scaled thumbnail images FancyScale.lha 1959 bytes